Resourcing Your Employees to Drive Results

We'd love to help you make work better for your employees.

At Process Design Consultants Inc, we believe in the power of a trauma-informed lens to help companies create a workplace that supports the best in their employees. Our company was founded on the belief that companies can be better, and employees can be better, when they work in an environment that promotes emotional safety in addition to business excellence. 

We offer training in three key practice areas: 


Critical Thinking

A step-by-step approach to thinking through your most complex business issues by setting the stage for emotional regulation and thinking success.

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Change Management

Learn the steps to lead your team through transformation by creating emotional safety. 


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Talent Management

Help hire and retain the best employees through HR systems audits. 


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At Process Design Consultants Inc, we're passionate about helping businesses and employees thrive. By using a trauma-informed lens to tackle critical thinking, change management, and talent management, we're helping companies to create a workplace where everyone can bring their best and most innovative selves to work.

We work with clients in three ways:

Thought Leadership. We can speak to your team about trauma-informed management and leadership. We can speak at your conference or team meeting to help your people understand how trauma-informed people practices can lead to better results. We charge a half-day fee. 

Training and Development. We offer one and two-day workshops on trauma-informed leadership, critical thinking, and change management. We have cost-effective general training solutions or can customize and white label programs you own. 

Consulting. We work with clients to help them uncover potential workplace trauma in their systems. We can help with bias monitoring, using a trauma-informed lens with existing DEI practices, and auditing the talent management systems for workplace trauma triggers that lead to talent gaps and turnover. We charge a flat fee based on estimated time. We can also bring in partners such as DEI experts or mental health professionals to create a customized solution for your organization.  

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