The Five Pillars of Employee Satisfaction

Jan 23, 2023

Hiring and retaining excellent people is no secret. People look to the five pillars of hiring when they decide to take or stay in a job.

Money: what is the overall take home pay subtracting the costs of working. Employees want to know what they are taking home today and how they will be supported in the future. They are interested in commuting offsets and childcare subsidies if they are required to be in the office. And they want to know that they can count on their pay. Job security is really important. New grads monitor the news. If they see that you are laying off 10,000 people here or 20% of your workforce there, do you think they are going to want to work for you?

Flexibility. It was all well and good for employees to work from home when they had to keep the corporate lights on during COVID. But now you need them in the office for productivity "coaching"? Mmm hmm. People know that they can work from home successfully so if they are going to be asked to come into the office, they want to know there is a good reason for it.

Growth: As humans, we want to evolve. We want to develop new skills and take on more responsibility. If people find it easier to get training opportunities or a promotion by leaving your organization, they will.

Community: People are social beings. We want to work in community. We want our efforts recognized by the group. Good work communities do not support toxic behavior or bullies or micromanagers. They add to our human need to be safe and socially connected, not detract from it.

Finally, people want to work with purpose. They want to know that they are helping create a better world. They want to know that they work for an organization that is not causing harm.

The more of these things you can provide, the less you will struggle with the talent gap or employee engagement.

Good HR drives success.

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