Critical Thinking

A critical thinking process supported by an emotionally safe workplace can lead to better decisions and innovation. We can help you design systems for better thinking. 

Building Effective Thinking Teams

"Great leadership development tool....It's helped me get my team focused on good solid decision making processes. The number one skill that most teams need to develop." - Dan C. 

60-70 percent of business projects do not achieve desired results because organizations do not have the systems in to think through business decisions. Over the past four decades, we have trained thousands of professionals to think through business issues as a team. We've perfected a thinking process that harnesses the power of diverse thinking teams. 

Business decisions are not made by purely logical machines. They are made by folks who have histories and emotions and traumas and biases. We bring our whole selves to work and even though we are all professionals, there is no way to separate what happens in our personal lives with the decisions we make at work. We take a person-first approach to strategic thinking and help employees and managers identify thinking blocks and biases. We help leadership cultivate an organizational culture of diverse thinkers.  

Applied Thinking

We teach a very simple four-step thinking process and then work with organizations to apply that process to real world business issues to show it effectiveness. Our tagline is Bringing Thinking to Life® and we truly mean that since training only works when it's applied. Clients are always amazed at how quickly they incorporate when they've learned to solve realtime issues. This is not time spent in a classroom with questionable results. The ROI of this program is seen immediately. 

Diverse Thinking Teams Create Better Solutions

Healthy organizations create long term success by fostering collaborative thinking among diverse teams. Our process helps employees and managers understand the lenses they naturally use when tackling business issues and encourage them to consider other approaches. We use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to show the contributions of different thought types. We also look at systemic organizational thinking biases that can get in the way of good decision making and innovation. 

We'd love to help your employees make better decisions. 


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