The Trauma-Informed Entrepreneur

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FREE Webinar: Don't Let Trauma Get in the Way of Your Business Success


This FREE Webinar will help you understand the role trauma (such as living through a pandemic!) can play in entrepreneurship. Learn about how trauma can manifest in your business and how you can take steps to identify and manage triggers. This presentation will help you understand how trauma may be affecting your entrepreneurial journey; how it can impact your relationship with your clients & customers; and how it can get in the way of decision-making and creativity. Most importantly, you will learn practical tips and practices to help you increase your “window of tolerance” so that you can access your entrepreneurial brain and better serve your customers.

What you will learn:

• What trauma is

• How trauma shows up with entrepreneurs

• How systemic trauma (patriarchy, racism, ableism, trans/homophobia) shows up in your business

• How childhood trauma can show up in your business

• How trauma impacts the brain and business thinking

• How to help your customers/clients who might be facing trauma

• How to meet the six key human needs

• Somatic practices to use when you feel triggered

Learn about trauma-informed entrepreneurship and what resources are available to help you manage your trauma while building your business.


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Coming September 2023

If are an entrepreneur navigating trauma, you don't have to do it alone. Introducing our new 6-week online course: