Articles and Media Mentions


"The Body Keeps the Score: How patriarchal trauma impacts us in the workplace (and what we can do about it)" by Jen Lawrence. Defy Magazine, March 2023

"Don't need the money? Eight good reasons to work anyway" by Jen Lawrence. Canadian Family Offices, December 2022 

"The Benefits of Doing Business the “Eleanor Roosevelt” Way" by Jen Lawrence. Chief Executive

 "Money-related disorders are proof that wealth can't fix everything" by Jen Lawrence. Canadian Family Offices, June 2022

"Advisors: Losing a client after divorce or spouse’s death is likely, but not inevitable" by Jen Lawrence. Canadian Family Offices, March 2022

"Dealing with Midlife Crisis: Connect with your Archetype to Breathe in New Energy." by Jen Lawrence. Elephant Journal, April 2022

"In rocky marriage, a ‘no-divorce divorce’ could be the best way" by Jen Lawrence. Canadian Family Offices, November 2021

"Embracing Inclusive Marketing" by Jen Lawrence. Credit Union Management, June 2020

"Recognizing and preventing financial abuse is a key duty of family advisors" by Jen Lawrence. Canadian Family Offices, August 2021

"Using the Power of Storytelling to Engage Employees" by Jen Lawrence. PeopleTalk. October 2015

Quotes & Appearances

"Why Critical Thinking Matters in Your Business" by Nadia Reckmann. Business News Daily, February 2023

"5 Easy Ways to Avoid Distraction at Work" by Dave Kerpen. Inc.

"What to do when you're approached for money" by Natalya Anderson. Canadian Family Offices, February 2023

"Money and relationships: Power dynamics can unravel the knot" by Renée Sylvestre-Williams. Canadian Family Offices, February 2023

Member Spotlight Interview: Jen Lawrence, December 2022

"Holiday gifts: Damned if you give lavishly, damned if you don't" by Sarah B. Hood. Canadian Family Offices, December 2022

"Why Gen Xers are shying away from seeking financial advice" by Barbara Balfour. The Globe and Mail, October 2022

"I Can’t Get No Satisfaction: Jen Lawrence On Why So Many Of Us Are Feeling Unsatisfied & What We Can Do About It" by Drew Gerber. Authority Magazine, September 2022

"The Most Expensive Handbags on the Market and What They Cost" by Nicole Spector. GoBankingRates, October 2022

"It's difficult, but taking the high road in divorce can pay off" by Diane Jermyn. Canadian Family Offices, August 2022

"Thirteen more books highly recommended by family advisors" by Danielle Boudreau. Canadian Family Offices, September 2022

Returning to Work After a Career Pause. CTV Your Morning, August 2022

"5 Ways To Ensure Smooth Growth" by Betsy Cummings. Advertising Specialty Institute, March 2015