Talent Management

Every organization with engaged employees has a process for nurturing talent. We can help you design your talent systems to help you attract and retain your ideal employees. 

Designing Ideal Work Environments


As people, we have two driving forces: we need to feel safe and we need to feel like we have social acceptance. If we don't have these things at work, we leave. If we don't think we see the potential in these things in a job, we don't take it.

Organizations can create talent management systems that make employees feel valued. It starts in the way employees are hired and extends to their final day at work. If you have just done a mass firing over email, don't be surprised that the best and the brightest want nothing to do with your organization. If there are discriminatory biases in your system, you will have a talent and leadership gap. 

We can do a talent system audit and help you design a better way of cultivating talent. We use a trauma-informed approach that helps you find places of harm. We partner with DEI professionals who can help you identify why you have talent gaps and help you to correct them. We can design training programs to help you onboard new employees, train your mangers to be better leaders and help you keep more of your employees by identifying opportunities to upskill and reskill your best people. 

We have a particular expertise in helping organizations attract midlife women who have taken a career pause. Find more about our Midlife Hire programs here.

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